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The music is what matters most...
Ralph Tresvant has been in the music business for over 20 years.   He started out in his early teens as the lead singer of the Super Group New Edition.  Over the course of the years Ralph's multi talents became evident, not only as a gifted singer, but with producing, writing, acting, and as a business man.
Back in the early 90's Ralph's self titled debut album, Ralph Tresvant, went multi-platinum, next he released It's Goin Down, which was loved by his loyal supporters.  In between he was still working with New Edition and other ventures. 
In the beginning of 2000, Ralph traveled with a cast and crew doing Plays across the country.  Also, he starred in a few movies and DVD releases.  Thus, proving his acting ability was nothing short of natural born.   
Along with his loyal friends and fans, Ralph has a supportive family who stands behind him in his endeavors, his father, wife and four children, who Ralph truely adores and does what he does with them in mind.  "I love being home and watching my kids grow,"  said Ralph. 
Once again, Ralph has embarked on a solo venture working and partnering with Xzault Media Group.  His album is entitled RizzWaFaire and the single, My Homegirl.  Ralph really expresses himself with this album.   A must buy!!