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Before joining NE Ralph use to like to catch butterflies and ride his bike with his best friend and schoolmate, LeBaron, around Orchard Park housing complex, that were three story brick buildings. Ralph lived at 8 Adams St.

Ralph met Ricky first, they were both members of the Celtics, a basketball team in the Orchard Park community center.

Ralph and Ricky starred in the school play Death After School where Ricky, the play's villain attacked Ralph after school. Ralph was stabbed by Ricky in that play. Ricky and Ralph joined a marching band in which they were asked to audition and without the knowledge of each other Ricky and Ralph actually performed the same routine, but at different times. They also joined a drill team together. After practice one day they sung an a cappella version of Michael Jackson's song 'Rock With You,' the drill team captain asked them if they wanted to make a record, of course they said "sure." Going to the many practices, however, no record was ever made.

Ralph and Ricky began playing at talent and fashion shows around Roxbury, located in the south end of the city.

Bobby and Ralph met in grammar school, Bobby's nickname was 'Flash' because he admired Grandmaster Flash, a New York DJ at the time. Bobby is also the youngest member of NE.

Bobby and Ralph deejayed together. Once deejaying at Dealborn Middle School's halloween party. They all attended different public schools,

Ralph, South Boston High
Ronnie, Newton North High
Mike, Belmont High
Ricky, Madison Park High
Bobby, Dealborn Middle School

Ralph and Ron were not in the original version of NE, the original members were Ricky, Bobby, and Michael, headed by Brooke Payne, who was Ron DeVoe's uncle. It was basically Bobby and Mike's idea to put the group together, which they thought would only go as far as just being in Boston.

From 1978-79 those three members performed around Boston. But they didn't really go anywhere with it. They tried again in 1981, but this time when Bobby and Mike came to tell Ricky there was practice the next day, Ralph was playing ball with Ricky and Ralph asked what the practice was for. Ricky told Ralph about the group, and that they were looking for a fourth guy and that's how Ralph joined in. They looked for records
to perform at the local talent show at Bobby's sister Betty's house. They
performed a song called 'Holding On' by LTD. Ronnie was already in a group called the Dramatics and was recruited to the group. Ronnie was quiet. Travis Gresham, who was a manager of Ralph and Ricky, choreographed the dance steps in the beginning. They performed around Boston.

Maurice Starr and his brother Michael Johnson had a recording studio called the House of Hits in Roxbury. NE got their big break at a Hollywood Talent Night, a contest held at the Strand theater. NE performed 'Stop! The Love You Save' by the Jackson Five, but they only came in second place. But Maurice Starr liked them and begun working with them at the House of Hits on a song that took two years to produce.......'Candy Girl.' But, in 1982 the major record labels weren't interested and it seemed as if all was done and over, but finally, Arhur Baker, a New York based producer, became excutive producer of 'Candy Girl,' which went on to be released in March of 1983. 'Candy Girl' went to number one on the Black music charts in the U.S., the pop chart in Canada and the United Kingdom. It was also a hit in Germany.

In August of 1983 New Edition signed with Jump and Shoot Productions and left Streetwise Records and signed with MCA in 1984. They went on to do a series of different projects including but not limited to Coca Cola commercials, appearances on Hollywood Squares, guest appearances on the sitcom Knight Rider in which they did a car wash scene, and Star Search. Also, Ralph and Ricky wrote songs including 'School', 'Good Boys' and also writing their first song outside the album called 'My First Kiss' for a young 12 or 13 year old girl named Shanice Wilson. They also have a few songs many don't know about because they were not on the albums which are 'Good Boys,' 'Goldmine,' 'Helplessly In Love', 'Sneakin' Around,' and 'Once in the Lifetime Groove.' Not to mention the many soundtracks NE and their branches have been on.

And through it all New Edition went on to win a court battle for the name New Edition.

Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph, and Johnny, all part of the sensational group called New Edition!!

As stated earlier, with the release of Candy Girl in 1983, there were five members, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike and Ralph. After the departure of Bobby Brown in the mid 80's the group took on Johnny Gill as a fifth member. Their hits continued to top the charts with songs such as 'Can You Stand the Rain' and 'N.E. Heartbreak', while Bobby was pursuing solo success with releases such as 'Don't Be Cruel' and 'My Prerogative'. Soon after other members embarked on solo projects like Johnny Gill. Ronnie, Ricky, and Mike formed the well known mental hip hop on a R&B tip appeal to it group called Bell Biv DeVoe, (BBD). Ralph
Tresvant also went on to release his much loved self entitled debut 'Ralph
Tresvant' and also 'It's Goin' Down'.

As the years passed, many NE fans were wishing for a reunion, according to NE they had not broken up but were just on an hiatus, and this proved true! In 1996 the six man strong reunion of New Edition released a soon to become triple platinum CD entitled 'Home Again'. For their long time fans it was so good to have them 'Home Again, back where they belonged'

Now once again the members of NE are off doing solo projects. But are planning to come together once again!

Their tightly choreographed steps and mesmerizing vocals has put New Edition into a category all its own, not many groups have survived and done what they have done!!

New Edition!!! A phenomenal group that went their separate ways, also being successful, and after a few years came back together making the magic that they are so well known for. Still topping the charts and capturing the hearts of a whole new group of fans, along with their already long time admirers who adore them.

I hope I was able to add a little more recognition to them, giving them the respect they so deserve!!

Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph, and Johnny, I applaud you!!

Keep the NE Dream Alive!!