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Name: Ralph Edward Tresvant, Jr. (Rizzo)
Born: May 16, 1968 in Roxbury, MA
Height: 5'10
Parents: Patricia Ann Tresvant (RIP) and Ralph, Sr.
Siblings: LaTonya Tresvant and Andre Tresvant
Children: 2 girls, and 2 boys

Ralph grew up in the Orchard Park Development of Roxbury, MA. His mother and Father instilled strong values in him and insisted that he maintain good grades and remain in school.

Growing up in the 80's, Ralph attended South Boston High School. Earlier on some of Ralph's favorites were basketball, dirt bike racing, and lollipops. One of his favorite movies was Gremlins, and he really enjoyed Karate movies; back then his favorite car was a Pontiac Z2S. Some of his favorite singers were Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and definitely Marvin Gaye. Ralph was a skillful card player, and Matthew Pearson Jr., a LA writer was quoted as saying, "Ralph won every game." Matthew wanted a rematch.

At the tender age of 15, Ralph was already part of a phenomenal music group, New Edition. In 1983 Candy Girl was released, which went platinum. Ralph's star power, a natural gift that over time he has cultivated, was obvious when he first stepped on stage with New Edition.

In the early 90's Ralph decided to embark on a solo career, he had actually began thinking of going solo a couple of years before his solo debut. Ralph also had embarked on an album but never released it because it did not showcase all of his talents.

In regards to going solo he had to decide if he wanted to do what others wanted or just be what he felt. Well with the help of his family he decided to go with what he was really all about- "standing up for family values and speaking to anybody who's willing to go against all the things going against them."

In 1991 Ralph released the single 'Sensitivity' from his solo debut entitled 'Ralph Tresvant,' which went platinum in a few short weeks. Proving he made the right decision. 'All Right Now' a bonus track from his CD was co-written by Michael Jackson, which makes it a special song for Ralph. Ralph also co-wrote 'Ordinary Guy' which was like a bio that reflected him for real and the things he had been through. 'Stone Cold' was recorded in Atlanta along with the help of Bobby Brown. Soon on his way to becoming a triple threat.

Ralph went on to make his second release, 'It's Goin Down' in which he did most of the writing and producing. This was not new to him because he had co-written before. This CD also was truly loved by his fans and showcased more of his talents.

Ralph also gave his fans a chance to learn more about him when he did Ralph Tresvant & Friends, which included info about himself including the different members of New Edition.

Ralph Tresvant: Producer/writer/singer/actor has sung and danced his way to stardom and into the hearts of many, performing being his favorite part of the business. Putting his heart and soul into it has made this talented star's live performances truly breathtaking. Not only does he give his audience the best that he can, but his charming personality has made Ralph Tresvant nothing less than a Superstar!

Quote: "I want to show people a guy who came from a rough part of
town but, through family upbringing and music, made a good
life for himself," -Ralph Tresvant.

Not only can this super talented man sing, he also can act, making his acting debut in a screen play by Michael Matthews, Ralph starred as Jake in a Play called Sugar Daddy. Touring the US in 2000. After which he starred in Listen to Your Woman in 2001, along with NE member Johnny Gill. Next was, Who Can You Trust debuting in 2002, and also Money Can't Buy You Love, sort of a remake of Sugar Daddy that was mainly a special project he agreed to do that was designed to help some kids at an academy. In 2003 Ralph was a special guest star in the Judge Mathis Play called Tell it to The Judge. In 2004 Ralph is featured in a Play called The Man of Her Dreams. Hopefully following the New Edition album release scheduled for 2004, we will continue to see Ralph utilize his acting talents in many more Plays to come!

Word from the Author:
Ralph, being a true admirer of yours, I want to thank you for all the years of wonderful music that you have brought into my life. Your true talent and sophisticated gentleman qualities has been a true inspiration to me and will forever remain a part of my life. Thank you for all the love!