Name: Ricardo (Ricky) Bell
Nickname: Slick
Height: 5'5"
Born: Boston MA
Birthday: September 18, 1967
Parents: Dorothy Mae Bell and Daniel A. Bell (RIP)
Siblings: Tyrone, Danny, Wayne, Loretta, Tony, LaWan, Peanut, Mark (Butch), Marcel, and Tina


Ricky was the youngest in his family of eleven brothers and sisters. Ricky grew up in Orchard Park Development and went on to being in the hit group New Edition with the release of Candy Girl when he was 15 years old.

Growing up Ricky enjoyed the music of Jeffrey Osbourne, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Rick James. He enjoyed playing basketball.

Ricky has always carried himself with a certain authority. Ricky was quoted as saying, "I describe my personality as fun-loving. I like to get out and mix with people and basically have a good time. I would treat a woman as my equal. I find that's best. After all, fair is fair."

Ricky also started his own record label entitled Slick Wolf Productions and currently is working on a solo venture with Third Visions Records. Which was released. Ricky appeared on shows such as Soul Train and BET. His solo CD is called Ricardo Campana. The single is called Spanish Fly...sing it Ricky, sing it!!