Name: Michael Lamont Bivins
Born: Boston, MA
Birthday: August 10, 1968
Height: 5'4"
Parents: Shirley and Gerard, Step Dad, Lee
Grandma: Margaret
Sibling: Tanya
Son: Michael, Jr.

Growing up Mike enjoyed buying clothes, he especially liked chinese jackets, listening to music and he really like Michael Jackson.

He loves lobster and fancy seafood and is especially fond of chocolate cake with chocolate icing. For breakfast he likes to enjoy a big breakfast, including cereal, a favorite would be Frosted Flakes. Enjoys playing basketball.

Being part of NE Mike was called 'N.E.'s philospher' because he was effective at promoting the group. When asked he would say he handles promotion and publicity. Mike is rightly called N.E.'s most professional.

Mike is owner of his own record label entitled Biv10 and is responsible for discovering the group Boyz II Men, which is actually a song that New Edition recorded on the Heart Break album.

Mike also had others including but not limited to: Another Bad Creation (ABC), MC Brains, 702, Magnificent 7, etc..Check out Mike's Pee Wee site

In the early 90's Mike was part of the sensational group Bell Biv DeVoe (BBD).