Name: Johnny Gill (JG)
Born: Washington, DC
Birthday: May 22, 1967
Parents: Ann and Johnny Gill, Sr.
Siblings: Randy, Bobby, Jeff

At 8 years old along with his brothers Johnny was already in a group called Gill Special. Johnny sang in church and went on to sing in High School. Stacy Lattisaw a childhood friend of Johnny's convinced him to record a demo, from there Stacy and Johnny recorded the hit song 'Perfect Combination'

Johnny joined New Edition in 1987 and also went on to sign with Motown Records. Releasing his first single entitled 'Rub You the Right Way' among other hits like My, My, My; Fairweather Friend, and Lady DuJour Johnny's songs embraced his romantic side.

Johnny is quoted as saying, "I love to romance a woman. I love to tell her how good she looks, how good she feels, how good she smells. I love to let her know how proud I am to be with her, to show her off to the world and let everybody know she's mine."

Johnny is also part of the group LSG...featuring Keith Sweat and Gerald LeVert.