Name: Robert B. Brown (Bobby)
Born: Boston, MA
Birthday: February 5, 1969
Siblings: Betty, Tommy
Claimants: Landon, Laprincia, Robert, Jr. and Bobbi Christina

Bobby's first performance was at the age of 3, where he performed at High Hat in his hometown of Boston. He sung a song by Stevie Wonder, but never finished it because the cheers and screaming scared him and he threw the mic down and ran off stage.

Growing up Bobby was very much into rap and hip-hop music. Some of his friends nicknamed him Flash because he admired Grandmaster Flash. He also liked Rick James. Bobby enjoyed Deejay mixing and buying clothes.

Bobby the youngest member of New Edition helped form the group back in the summer of 1979. Performing with such ones as the Fat Boys and Whodini influenced Bobby to do the human beat box routine on the song, 'Pass the Beat.'

Bobby eventually left NE to go solo. During New Edition's Fantasy tour when the fellas were in a hotel room, Bobby called for a meeting and told them he wanted to leave the group. It was a surprise but they knew something was going to happen, he told them he wanted to be behind himself and it was what he wanted to do. The group of course were saddened by the news, but the fellas all remained friends. And would welcome him back anytime. Bobby is quoted as saying, "Even when I first started out, I always wanted to be a solo artist." And he also admits that without New Edition he wouldn't be where he is today

Bobby's father was a construction worker and his mother was a homemaker. By the time Bobby was 17 he was living in Los Angeles with his mother and sister, driving a 1986 black and gold Mercedes 560 SCL and a 1986 black and red BMW 735, and operating his own production company.

Bobby's solo debut was a success. He went on to marry multi-talented Whitney Houston.